The term ‘Expert Training Ltd’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website and business that provides training services to individuals and organisations (‘you’, ‘course candidates’, ‘attendee(s)’, ‘course delegates’, ‘person’ etc) ,whose registered office is The London Office, 85 Great Portland Street,  London, England, W1W 7LT. We deliver training at our Training Centre in Gloucester and the address is Expert Training Ltd, No 1 Business Centre, 1 Alvin Street,Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 3EJ.

The term ‘course’ applies to all our training services including Online training/ courses, Open training/ courses and Onsite training/ courses.

Our company registration number is 11398032.

By purchasing our training services, you agree to this Terms & Conditions. 



Once an enquiry about course enrolment has been received by Expert Training Ltd, full payment is required to secure and guarantee a place on a course using available options on this website, including Stripe, Paypal, bank transfers. We do not accept cash payment on the day or after the course. If you wish to pay by cash, please make sure you contact us to make relevant arrangements. Booking confirmation is sent via email confirming the course booking and course venue details.
If a course is booked by an employer, course times along with course venue details need to be passed onto the delegates attending the course by the person who booked a course.
Any individual(s) enrolling or enrolled onto a course are required to be in a suitable physical condition to enable them to participate safely
in the practical session(s). All course delegate who require personal assistance or have specific training needs must inform us prior to the course start date 3 days in advance. Please note our Gloucester Training Centre doesn’t have to disable access facilities. You can call us to discuss an alternative venue if you require these facilities.
All employers enrolling their employees for Level 2 or practical courses must ensure that their staff are fit, able and healthy to undertake practical elements of the course. If the employer enrolled an individual who is not fit, or if an individual customer enrolled themselves who are not fit to undertake the session then Expert Training Ltd reserves the right not to accredit that individual at Level 2/ practical skills competency, and a lower Level 1 certificate or a certificate of attendance will be provided.
When booking and paying for a course, either an open course or onsite training course,  you are strictly prohibited from selling the course, including training materials, accreditation and support onto any third parties. If you are an organisation that wishes to work in partnership, please contact us to arrange a meeting in order to discuss your request.
Expert Training Ltd reserves the right to cancel the course at any time due to either under subscription or any unforeseen circumstances. If a course is cancelled the full course fees paid will be refunded or the delegate will be offered a transfer to another course that has availability. We accept no responsibility for any loss resulting from a course cancellation, such as loss of work, travel, and other expenses etc.


Payment is accepted using the available option on our website.  Third-party payments, such as when you book courses via an Eventbrite or Reeds are processes under the third party terms and conditions policy. These payments offer no refund policy after 14 days prior to the course start date.


Any advised cancellations made by a person/organisation must be confirmed in writing to Expert Training Ltd and emailed to  All advised cancellations are acknowledged by us in writing by email from and sent to the person/organisation who advised of the cancellation.
No verbal or text cancellations are accepted including text messages, social media messages, telephone calls, voice mail messages or meeting conversations.

Open Courses Cancellation Terms

Any cancellation must be 14 days prior to the course start date. This includes open courses and online courses that have been purchased. In the event that cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to the course start date- no refund will be issued. When a course booking is made within 14 days of the course start date our 14 day cancellation period will still apply.

Onsite Training/ Course Cancellation Terms

Any cancellation must be 14 days prior to the course start date. In the event that cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to the course start date- no refund will be issued. We reserve the right to charge any incurred costs that were made prior to the cancellation such as trainer accommodation fees or any cancellation fees involved. When a course booking is made within 14 days of the course start date our 14 day cancellation period will still apply.

Online Virtual Classroom Course Cancellation Terms

Any cancellation must be 14 days prior to the course start date. In the event that cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to the course start date- no refund will be issued. When a course booking is made within 14 days of the course start date our 14 day cancellation period will still apply.

Substituting and Name Changing

Replacing, substituting, name changing a delegate with another may be made at any stage at no extra cost. We do require this in writing via email to This must be done prior to the course start date and new details must be forwarded to us at least 24 hours prior to the course. Once we receive written confirmation of any changes made this will become effective immediately.


Unforeseen Changes

On some occasions, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, changes to course delivery such as times, trainer and course content need to be made and we reserve the right to make any changes required in order to provide the best service for training.

Code of Conduct

Expert Training Ltd has strict rules regarding the code of conduct on our courses. It is expected that all attendees on our courses behave in a manner that is acceptable to both Expert Training Ltd course trainer/assessor and to all other course delegates. Unacceptable behaviour, disruption to course delivery and discrimination towards others of any kind is not tolerated and will result in the delegates immediate removal from the course and the person or persons being prohibited from any future services or products provided by us. No refund is provided in such cases.
Course delegates and/ or their employers must also ensure that the attendees are present throughout the course session(s). If a course attendee leaves the session for more than 15 minutes at any time before the course is finished then that attendee will not be provided with any kind of certificate or accreditations. No refund will be issued in such cases.

Online Virtual Classroom Training Requirements

Before booking one of our Online Virtual Classroom courses please ensure that:
  • You have access to a laptop, tablet, computer
  • You have access to a fast broadband/ internet connection with unlimited data
  • You prepare for your training session, including appropriate training environment arrangements
  • You advise us about any specific training requirements prior to booking a course

In the event when a course delegate hasn’t ensured the aforementioned preparations and was unable to access/ attend/ participate in the course- no refund will be provided. Candidates who fail to ensure appropriate training environment and this leads to a disturbance during the course will be blocked from the course. No refund will be provided in such cases.

Open Course Venue Car Parking

We have limited car parking facilities at our centre. However, there are plenty of on-street parking and local car parks that can be accessed at a low cost (£3 per day). Please refer to the Google map that will advise you of the best car parking services. Please ensure that your vehicle is left securely locked with all windows securely closed and any vehicle alarm, steering lock or similar device fitted is engaged. We are not responsible for any consequence or loss arising from a failure by you to properly secure or park your vehicle. Any possessions left in a vehicle are left entirely at the owner’s risk. We suggest that no items are left so that they are visible from the outside of the vehicle. We are not
liable for any theft by third parties from your vehicle.

Certification and Accreditation

When purchasing our courses with the purposes of being certificated, you are agreeing that you have relevant skills, capabilities and good health to participate in the session (including practical elements). In the event where a participant who attends Level 2 practical session failed to advise us about their health conditions/ learning abilities or any other specific training needs, will not be able to undertake practical session, and will receive either a certificate of completion or Level 1 certificate.
All our course accreditation is valid for 1 year and advised to be updated at least 3 days prior to the expiry date. Our accreditation body is Trainer Courses Ltd, our courses are approved by TrainerQuals. These bodies represent a leading Healthcare, and Health and Safety Accreditation Body.
In order to receive accreditation, all course delegates must successfully complete and hand in course questionnaire, evaluation forms and training record forms (where appropriate). This concerns all our courses including Online Courses, Open Courses and Onsite Training. In the event where a course candidate fails to hand in this records, he/ she will not receive accreditated certificate, and will be provided with a certificate of completion instead.

Certificates issued within 48 hours post the course start date in the form of a PDF file. If you provide your name incorrectly spelt and require a replacement certificate the fee is £20 payable to Expert Training Ltd.

Generally, certificates emailed to the person who booked the course, however individual course candidates can request a copy of their certificate, independent of their employer by contacting us via email on


All our trainer courses and training materials are fully copyrighted and copies made and used without our permission is an infringement of this copyright and is strictly prohibited.

Complaints Procedure

Expert Training Ltd recognises the importance of dealing with complaints in a professional manner.
If a complaint is received we will record it in our ‘Complaints Record’ and we will create a unique reference number. This number will be used as
a reference for that complaint in all future correspondence. We will acknowledge any complaint within three working days and give a reference
a number for further correspondence. We will deal/ investigate the complaint within one week of the acknowledgement date of the complaint.
Where longer time is required to undertake further investigation the client will be advised of the timescale. Information about a complaint and correspondence will be kept in line with the Data Protection Act.

Equality & Diversity Policy

We are committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a comprehensive policy which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from
discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability or special needs. The aim is to ensure fair and equal treatment for all course delegates and our employees, irrespective of race, colour, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, political belief, disability, age, gender or marital status. It also aims to make sure that no potential employee or existing employee will be discriminated against.
We will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, political belief, disability,
age, gender or marital status.
Any course delegate or employee who believes that they are subject to discrimination by either the other course candidates, organisation or a colleague has the right to have their claims investigated.

Malpractice Procedure

Allegations of malpractice are taken very seriously and dealt with in a professional manner. Expert Training Ltd will make an investigation of any alleged or suspected malpractice and will take appropriate actions to find a resolution.
Any cases of alleged or suspected malpractice must be reported in writing to Expert Training Ltd within 3 working days.
Examples of actions that might be seen as malpractice:
  • Fraudulent work being submitted.
  • Use of unauthorised materials or devices on a course.
  • Plagiarism, such as copying the work of another delegate.
  • Deliberate damage of another delegate’s work.
  • Collusion between two or more delegates.
  • Unacceptable behaviour towards a trainer/assessor or other delegates.
  • Being disruptive during a course.
If we receive information concerning an alleged incident of malpractice then immediate action will be taken and a full investigation will be carried out. We will contact the complainant and all other persons involved in the incident. If we find the evidence of malpractice then immediate action will be taken against the concerned delegate(s). Delegate’s certificates will be made void in the event that a complaint of malpractice against a delegate is supported by us. If a course delegate is affected by recorded malpractice then they might have to repeat the course in full.