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First Aid Training

First Aid starts with effective training and assures everyone’s health, well-being and  safety within the workplace. It is an essential medical treatment that is given to employees, clients and visitors after they have been hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill at work.

Under the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, it is one of the compulsory requirements for your business to provide First Aid training to personnel; supply your First Aiders with equipment and facilities to ensure every person receives immediate assistance in an emergency situation. Failure to comply with the HSE legal guidelines may potentially result in substantial fines and further legal consequences.

Open Courses (held at our office location in Gloucester).

Online Courses (held online via live tutor-led training sessions).

First Aid Training

First Aid Training Courses

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First Aid Training in Gloucestershire

First Aid Course (Level 2)
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Expert Training Ltd, No 1 Business Centre, 1 Alvin Street, Gloucester, GL1 3EJ

First Aid Course, including CPR Training, is a full day course, providing the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to become a confident first aider...

Online First Aid Courses

Virtual Classroom Training

Business owner, self-employed individual and managers must make sure employees get immediate help if taken ill or injured at work. The law applies to every workplace. They must have: a suitably stocked first aid kit; an appointed person who has undertaken First Aid training or people to take charge of first aid arrangements; information for all employees telling them about first aid arrangements.

Businesses must have ‘adequate and appropriate’ first aid arrangements that depends on the work you do and where you do it. They must consider: the type of the work you do; hazards and the likely risk of them causing harm; the size of your workforce; work patterns of your staff; holiday and other absences of those who will be first aiders and appointed persons; the history of accidents in your business.