Do You Reheat Foods?

Some of us like to prep our meals and lunches few days in advance in order to free up our time cooking at the last minute. However, it’s important that we know how to preserve and reheat our food safely in order to stop the growth of harmful bacteria.

For your personal consumption, you must always reheat any dish until it reaches at least 75 °C during the reheating process.

If you reheat food for the food business purposes then it must be reheated to a minimum core temperature of 75 °C (England) or 82 °C (Scotland).

All meals must be served at above 63° C core temperature and never reheated more than once.

It is also important to remember to thaw food in order to ensure that it’s piping hot throughout. You can stir and turn food while reheating your meal so that it would heat evenly.

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